Badce Bros Group Profile

Badec Bros is one of South Africa's most exclusive lifestyle creators. What is a luxurious lifestyle? To some it is just a word, to others an impossible dream or an everyday expectation.

Often it's a promise that is never quite delivered - why? Whatever your definition, Badec Bros offers the ultimate and unique lifestyle. Our clients can rest assured that they will always receive the best quality service and products available.

The choice really is yours - whatever you want, whatever you need, we will give you the best, whether it's a stunning designed garden, a state of the art irrigation system, water, garden illumination, exclusive indoor and outdoor furniture, wooden decking, mosaic designs or an out of the box idea...the choice is yours. Badec Bros personifies a new definition of lifestyle: yours.

A short history of the Badec Bros Group

This remarkable history was born in 1997.Since its birth, our founder Frederik Johannes Badenhorst (Edrich) has grown a small irrigation corporation (traded as Kingfisher Landscaping) into a substantial group of companies now known as the Badec Bros Group.

Kingfisher Landscaping was instrumental in changing the look and feel of landscaping in South Africa and after ten very successful years sold its business to the Badec Bros Group (refer to the Group profile).

A year or two following the sale transaction the Badec Bros Group also expanded its business to trend setting manufacturing (decorative), wooden decking and mosaic designs.

Currently the Badec Bros Group has four active subsidiaries and these companies has been a catalyst for refreshing and innovative ideas over the past few years.